Kat O’Nell didn’t choose the romance writer life. A fair share of failed relationships forced her to live vicariously through the love lives of her many characters. Despite that, she believes in love. However imperfect, messy, and outrageous it can be, love is worth every single tear, heart break, and nonsense we do in its name.

Kat’s stories are full of heart and hope. No matter how many curve balls life throws at them, her characters push their hearts to the limits in search of acceptance, friendship, and love.

Kat also gives voices to women who may find themselves helpless and fighting for their self-worth and dignity. As a domestic violence survivor, Kat’s message to her readers is strong and clear—you are not alone and there is help.

Kat found herself and healed her many wounds by writing her heart out. She is a founding member and an active contributor of an amazing writing tribe, the Night Writers, where sassy romance writers plot edgy romance stories and talk books, sex, men, and children who grow up way too fast.

Today, Kat and her family live in Nashville, TN and tolerate its humidity and a high level of pollen. Armed with antihistamines and a portable mini fan, Kat finds herself invincible in the scorching heat of the South.

In the near future, Kat fancies herself walking the Cliffs of Moher and meeting the Queen of England and her adorable dorgis, Vulcan and Candy.

Kat O’Nell is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and a board member of Music City Romance Writers (MCRW), a  local RWA chapter in Nashville, TN.

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